Compliance for your company

Complying with regulations takes time and effort, our solutions will help you cut costs and time.

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Know your customers

Get an overview and analyze customer data to minimize risk and to meet compliance requirements.

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Scan your customers for politically exposed persons

We compare your customer data to our PEP database and give you a risk level for each customer based on similar data. This allows you to quickly identify the customers that need to be looked over.

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Compare customers to sanction lists

With our data and solution you will be able to scan for high risk customers and receive alerts when something should be reviewed.

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Detect money laundering risks and suspicious activity

Suspicious patterns and transactions are important to catch, our algorithm and reports will help you do exactly that.

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Business intelligence for a better company overview

With our BI solution you will be able to see your important KPIs at a glance, and see charts completely custom made for your data.

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Stay focused on your business. Let us handle the compliance

Our solutions will help you meet requirements faster and easier.