Checkout system

Point of Sale (POS) app and online sales via webshop.

POS app for the hotel and restaurant industry to facilitate sales

Order management

The app enables smooth and efficient order management by receiving orders from customers and sending them to the kitchen or bar.

Invoicing and payment

The app handles invoicing and payment at the points of sale. It can generate invoices or receipts for customers and offer flexible payment options, including cash, credit card, mobile wallet and contactless payment.



Point of Sale (POS) app and online sales via webshop.

Table and seat reservation

The app can handle table reservations and seat allocation. It can display available table options, manage reservations and create table plans to optimize seating and customer experience.

Integration with other systems

The app can be integrated with other systems within the hotel and restaurant business, for example booking systems, CRM systems or payroll systems. This facilitates the flow of data between different parts of the business and provides a seamless user experience.

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